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Winter in black and white

Walking alone in the park near my home, I’ve captured a little beauty of winter in Tehran. It was the first snowfall of this year.

Earthquake 7.8

* This is a portrait of a rural boy, Abolfazl lives in Azerbaijan. I took the photo four months after the earthquake. Yesterday, a 7.8-magnitude quake struck Iran near the border of Pakistan… Continue reading


I had focused on top of the hill, when they arrived.

Reprocess a panorama

I had taken ten pieces of this panorama one year ago. I used a compact Canon camera, with a spot on inner glass of lens! Today, I find the photo in my library,… Continue reading


My eyes are locked to surface of water, which is similar to visual effect. I’ve taken several photos from Amirkabir dam recently.

The last chance for winter

As I posted Spring’s coming two days ago, the weather start to change! Snow was falling for 24 hours in Tehran, and it covered the streets, cars, trees, and blossoms.

Smells like pine

I took this a morning after snowfall. The contrast of green and red color on a blue background make it so live and hopeful.

Spring flowers

I love these flowers. The colors are sharp. I took the picture 45 days before the spring. Therefore , the weather is warm and this winter is too boring, no rain, no sonwfall.

Arash, Sa’dabad palace

This isn’t the best angle to take a picture of arash sculpture. I’ve to take another one in spring…

A leafless willow

After the rain, everything was shining. Sky was red, and I saw an insecure willow tree without leaves…

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