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Walking the longest

Last sunday my friends and I decided to walk the longest street of Tehran (even Middle East). We started the walk 8:15 am from the north, Tajrish square. It was a mid-cloudy day… Continue reading

Street salesman

He is a salesman in Tehran’s street, who has a few quantity of fruits to sale. He was polishing a red apple while watching my camera… We bought some fruits from him, and… Continue reading

Cafe shod

I was waiting for my friends, in front of a friendly cafe. I had camera and tripod in my bag; every thing to make a HDR photo…

Haji Firouz

I was trapped in a heavy traffic in the Sadr highway. Suddenly a person in red cloths came to the way. He was Haji Firouz, who reminds us new year and Norouz holiday.… Continue reading

Street fiddler

I saw him at Kaj sqaure. I didn’t way he never looking at me. Fortunately the expression is fine. I cropped the frame to emphasis on the arch and three women in the mall.