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English Yew Reservoir of “Pooneh Aram”

This is a photo, I’ve attached to a report for tourism4development2017.org: My Journal for Botanical Trip to Hyrcania.

Praying for a Rainfall

I shoot this photo two weeks ago, in the way to Aligoudarz (Lorestan, Iran). There’s a man near the pylon; He is a farmer, owned that place, praying for a rainfall.

The first buds of spring

This a shot I’ve taken from a valley in Tehran. The weather was awesome for hiking. Not too warm, not to cold, I must plan for the next two months to go out… Continue reading


Last week I went to a memorable trip with my friends to the north of Iran. This is the best season to visit Iran’s nature. I’ll post more about that next days.

Walking the longest

Last sunday my friends and I decided to walk the longest street of Tehran (even Middle East). We started the walk 8:15 am from the north, Tajrish square. It was a mid-cloudy day… Continue reading


It is easy to make bokeh effect on tele distance of focal length. However, controlling the whole image and choosing frame composition is not easy.


A honeybee is watching spring flowers. She is  probably thinking about sweet juice inside them! I could shoot the photo on low sensitivity, however I prefered ISO 400 to enhance shutter speed in creature… Continue reading

Full of life

Today I woke up early and walked around my home. It is not easy to capture a well-composed frame in jungle. Finally I found this standpoint, and took a max-aperture photo to separate the… Continue reading

Contraste des couleurs complémentaires

Complimentary colors can make a strong balance to ease viewer’s eyes, if they have been applied on particular ratio. This is ‘Rule: Contrast of complementary Colors’, one of six contrast rules devised by… Continue reading

The green

Today I want to mountain with Melina. We reached the first station, and the sky started to rain. So we had a great breakfast there, and packed to get back. The weather was… Continue reading

Nature day

Today is called “Nature day.” People must go out, be happy, play and have lunch together. I went to Mellat park today, and took several photos. This is a photo that reminds me… Continue reading

Outdoors portrait

We went to a park yesterday. I took several portrait of my girlfriend. Here it is a gorgeous face on a colorful background…

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