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The Secret Location in the North

Watching the snow season behind those shells…

Cage of Liberty


Passing winter

This is very special photo, I’ve taken this winter. I went out that night and captured 15 photos in one hour. I had tripod, umbrella and small chair to rest for +10 seconds… Continue reading

Walking fast

It’s going to stop tonight; This is the forth day of snowing in Tehran.

Snowflakes Today

It’s now the third day of snowfall in Tehran. So wonderful, I went for photography after leaving the office. Here you can see snowflakes on a red leaf. You may notice or not,… Continue reading

Snowy yesterday

Nine frames of the same scene that I captured with intervalometer from the jungle in front of my home. The challenge was focusing on snowflakes. At the end I choose a tele focal… Continue reading

Sadness of my windsheld

Snowy sky of the town through a dirty windshield :(

Shoot-while-drive in Chalous road

As you may have noticed, I have tagged some photos in “shoot while drive!” Here you can see another frame captured through the windshield. The Chalous road was quiet, today, and I took… Continue reading

Frozen farm

As I drove in the freeway (Karaj to Qazvin), find this tree in the middle of a frozen farm. So I stopped immediately, and captured many frames from different angles.

Snowy night of Tehran

Captured this photo exactly one year ago under the snowfall in Jamshidieh park of Tehran. It’s always joyful to look back and reprocess some stacks. Here, I adjusted the curve and sharpness.

Winter in black and white

Walking alone in the park near my home, I’ve captured a little beauty of winter in Tehran. It was the first snowfall of this year.

Shining 6 AM

I didn’t sleep well, because my tears had flooded my face during the night. It’s not a romance thing! I’d hike the mountain covered by snow, without wearing sunglass. And I got blind… Continue reading

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