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Sadness of my windsheld

Snowy sky of the town through a dirty windshield :( Advertisements

Shoot-while-drive in Chalous road

As you may have noticed, I have tagged some photos in “shoot while drive!” Here you can see another frame captured through the windshield. The Chalous road was quiet, today, and I took… Continue reading

Haji Firouz

I was trapped in a heavy traffic in the Sadr highway. Suddenly a person in red cloths came to the way. He was Haji Firouz, who reminds us new year and Norouz holiday.… Continue reading

The bridge

That night I’d to go out and get something. A road under the Niayesh bridge was in my way. So, I pull out and take a 1-second shutter frame, leaning to the car.… Continue reading