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Poplar and the Shadows

I lost my SD card that night, and didn’t find it. This is the last photo on that card, fortunately found it a day after in the field. So, this is the image that… Continue reading

The cow with two horns

It was quiet and astonishing, on top of the hill. I’ve adjusted the level to reach this great contrast…

Full of life

Today I woke up early and walked around my home. It is not easy to capture a well-composed frame in jungle. Finally I found this standpoint, and took a max-aperture photo to separate the… Continue reading

Bad news

My telephone is placed on the desk, and it always slip down and swing away! I used one light source to make this sharp shadow. I like the eyes path…

Stood on a stool

I use this stool in portrait and selfportrait photography. It is strong and somehow tall. I’d read Susan Sontag’s book about movements “On Photography.” I wanted the viewers ask themselves a question, “why does a… Continue reading