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Today I was working on my personal website (will launch soon) and captured some self-portrait for it. Here I am in my bedroom… want to say “Happy new year, wish you all peace… Continue reading

Tribute to Duane Michals

Duane Michals is a photographer, who use low-speed shutter in many of his works. He stitched three portrait of Andy Warhol together and create this masterpiece in 1972. I have planned to make some multi-exposure next… Continue reading

Prism play

Have you ever watch the world through a luster prism?!

Selfportrait II

Taking a selfportrait is the hardest thing in photography. Therefore, you have to imagine yourself in a frame, while acting as a model. This frame is what I expect before starting the project.… Continue reading


I have a table light that I can stick it everywhere and adjust the power and angle. So I glowed the light from right side and added a simple lamp right behind my… Continue reading