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Tribute to Abelardo Morell

It’s almost three months that I’ve subscribed to the National Geographic Magazine in Farsi. This is the magazine that I don’t want to miss a paragraph, reading carefully, and It has great influence… Continue reading

Wrap and woof

There’s a well-known poem in farsi that describe the autumn as a naked woman. Mehdi Akhavān-Sāles the poet wrote, If she isn’t naked, then the sunlight and wind will be the wrap and woof… Continue reading

Earthquake 7.8

* This is a portrait of a rural boy, Abolfazl lives in Azerbaijan. I took the photo four months after the earthquake. Yesterday, a 7.8-magnitude quake struck Iran near the border of Pakistan… Continue reading

Sunset on highway

Today I read a paragraph in “On Photography” by Susan Sontag that I want to share here. She explained why photographers want to prove their work as fine art in comparison with painting; Cartier-Bresson believed that a… Continue reading

An “Arbusian” portrait

  What makes Arbus’s use of the frontal pose so arresting is that her subjects are often people one would not expect to surrender themselves so amiably and ingenuously to the camera. thus,… Continue reading

Golestan palace

Davood Vakilzadeh, a photographer, Bring people into your frame to show the scale.

Marmalade skies

I was at my workplace. Geting out the building, the weather was unbelievably bright! Sky was blue, clouds were changing. I replaced the blue color into pink via adobe photoshop. The Beatles, Picture yourself… Continue reading

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