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English Yew Reservoir of “Pooneh Aram”

This is a photo, I’ve attached to a report for tourism4development2017.org: My Journal for Botanical Trip to Hyrcania.

Man and the Tree


Jameh Mosque of Isfahan B199L1D

Another composite using lighten mode… any feedback?  

Inspiration on Hamid Janipour’s exhibition

Last night I went to Atbin gallery to watch the latest works of Hamid Janipour, Iranian photographer. Technically, he has blended two or more photo layers in Photoshop. The Idea was blending Paintings… Continue reading

A garden in the middle of desert

I like the latest photo challenge, the three! Here it is selected photos of Shazdeh garden in Mahan of Kerman. It must be wonderful in spring, however I like that in winter, too.

Three skies, walking in desert

Here, my trilogy for latest photo challenge. This is the art of post-editing in digital photography. The first photo has blue filter and low contrast; The second has red filter and high contrast.

Walking fast

It’s going to stop tonight; This is the forth day of snowing in Tehran.

Another day for my father

It was early in the morning and he had woken up earlier to go out and buy gardening stuff. When I arrived there, he was just watching the garden. So, I captured a… Continue reading

Random pose

Before they got ready for taking the photo, I captured some random poses… They are my best friends, traveled with me to the Ramsar city, north of Iran.

Hiking the ridge

This is the most scary part of the path to reach the summit. There’s a narrow unclear path exactly on the ridge, we took to the Alamkouh peak.


This is the memorial of three Iranian hikers that stocked and died in the Himalaya, last week. They were coming back from the Broad Peak (8052m) in Pakistan. I captured this photo in the… Continue reading

Carpet retailers

A retailer and customer, talking about carpets; These carpets are made by hand in central part of Iran.

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