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Sparrowhawk Is Coming…

From my birdwatching session in Park-e-Shahr, Tehran… Eurasian Sparrowhawk.

It Won’t Be Last

The last days of autumn in Tehran… at Jamshidieh park

The four on the wall

I must be honest with you; I’ve exaggerated on red and orange in this frame. As my friend said, the life get boring if you don’t exaggerate your feelings. I’m not agree with… Continue reading

Azadi hotel in the sunset

This is my contribution for weekly photo challanege: Monmument. Azadi Hotel, the best hotel in Tehran from quiet view of a park in my neighborhood. The horizontal light of sunset, made it luxuriously shining… Continue reading

Blue reflection

Walking in the Jamshidieh park with my camera on tripod, I captured the blue reflection of the sky late in the sunset, right before the night. Now I understand blue strokes on pavement… Continue reading

A garden in the middle of desert

I like the latest photo challenge, the three! Here it is selected photos of Shazdeh garden in Mahan of Kerman. It must be wonderful in spring, however I like that in winter, too.

Walking fast

It’s going to stop tonight; This is the forth day of snowing in Tehran.

Snowy night of Tehran

Captured this photo exactly one year ago under the snowfall in Jamshidieh park of Tehran. It’s always joyful to look back and reprocess some stacks. Here, I adjusted the curve and sharpness.

Winter in black and white

Walking alone in the park near my home, I’ve captured a little beauty of winter in Tehran. It was the first snowfall of this year.

The first tele-capture

Yes, we went to a picnic party today and I tested my new lens there. It was awesome and I felt in love with it! This is a branch under severe sunlight of… Continue reading

Nature day

Today is called “Nature day.” People must go out, be happy, play and have lunch together. I went to Mellat park today, and took several photos. This is a photo that reminds me… Continue reading

Kite runner

I went to kite park today. He had the highest kite in the sky.

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