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Sunset of Autumn Tree

Time is running for the trees turning red and yellow. The colors between green and yellow, the colors between orange and red… Advertisements


This is a scheduled post. By the time you reading this, I must be on the peak of this mountain, Alamkouh (4850m). I went there one year ago, it’s amazing! This time we… Continue reading

Wrap and woof

There’s a well-known poem in farsi that describe the autumn as a naked woman. Mehdi Akhavān-Sāles the poet wrote, If she isn’t naked, then the sunlight and wind will be the wrap and woof… Continue reading

A calf is whimpering

HI Folks, I missed this place so much. WordPress’ new look is awesome! Here, it’s one of the great pictures of Mazichal protected area, in north of Iran. I’ve been there two weeks… Continue reading