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Sunday market

A cool flea market in Motel Qoo in the north of Iran; Advertisements

Carpet retailers

A retailer and customer, talking about carpets; These carpets are made by hand in central part of Iran.

Kurdish melon seller

Kurds of Iran; Kind, hospitable, and handsome. We were there two months ago. It was an awesome trip. We had a SUV, and decide to go some offloads. However, we stocked in mud… Continue reading

Street fiddler

I saw him at Kaj sqaure. I didn’t way he never looking at me. Fortunately the expression is fine. I cropped the frame to emphasis on the arch and three women in the mall.

Spring flowers

I love these flowers. The colors are sharp. I took the picture 45 days before the spring. Therefore , the weather is warm and this winter is too boring, no rain, no sonwfall.


These are flower jars, I saw in flower market. I like the composition.