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A five centimeter house gecko, molting on net…

Practice in an Autumn Afternoon

Who says the leafless orchard is not beautiful?

In a Rainy Afternoon of Tehran

It still wants to be purple…

Year in review: 1392

The Persian year, 1392 is almost over. We have less than a week to new year. It was one of the best years for me. I’ve done many things this year: Travels and… Continue reading

Branch and Kalut

The moment you lay down to the sand ground to capture a macro-graphic photo of a dried branch in a wasteland desert of Lut; That branch was my treasure!

Snowflakes Today

It’s now the third day of snowfall in Tehran. So wonderful, I went for photography after leaving the office. Here you can see snowflakes on a red leaf. You may notice or not,… Continue reading

Bokeh for glass of flower

The photo is taken in a dark cafe in Tehran. I don’t like dark places.

The boring hour in the office

I was waiting for an approval from director’s office. Nothing to do for an hour, hopefully I had my camera in my bag. So, this is an inspiring rock for my colleague…

Contraste des couleurs complémentaires

Complimentary colors can make a strong balance to ease viewer’s eyes, if they have been applied on particular ratio. This is ‘Rule: Contrast of complementary Colors’, one of six contrast rules devised by… Continue reading

A honeybee

Bees are getting out of the hive, craving to suck flower’s juice …

Spring’s coming

The weather is warm enough that spring blossom starts to open. I took this photo at a park near my home. The cloudy sky was reflecting a pure white light.

Hafez in love

O-hum is one of my favorits rockband. They rock Hafez poem perfect. I tried to capture one of the best sonnets about friendship and love, “Hafez in love.” I used a flashlight to… Continue reading

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