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Before Composting

Gathering ingredients of compost fertilizer, I’ve felt an attachment to fallen leaves of persimmon tree. For a second I decided to save them from decomposition; those with bright vivid colors. However, they become more beautiful if they… Continue reading

Pollution of Tehran

A few months ago, they asked me to capture the timelapse of air pollution… I tried, but it didn’t satisfy me. Now I made this composition and I think it is well-polluted!

Inspiration on Hamid Janipour’s exhibition

Last night I went to Atbin gallery to watch the latest works of Hamid Janipour, Iranian photographer. Technically, he has blended two or more photo layers in Photoshop. The Idea was blending Paintings… Continue reading

Darband Cave

I’ve been in Semnan until yesterday. There’s a wonderful cave near the town, Darband Cave. I wish I had my tripod there…

Tribute to Duane Michals

Duane Michals is a photographer, who use low-speed shutter in many of his works. He stitched three portrait of Andy Warhol together and create this masterpiece in 1972. I have planned to make some multi-exposure next… Continue reading


Taking photo of this plant is not easy, even in home with controlled lights. I just used a 100-watt lamp on the wall.

Prism play

Have you ever watch the world through a luster prism?!

Ink into water

It’s fun, watching ink release in water. I took many photos and I used only one source of light in this frame. I like black gradient of table, as well as, shadow on… Continue reading

Bad news

My telephone is placed on the desk, and it always slip down and swing away! I used one light source to make this sharp shadow. I like the eyes path…

Selfportrait II

Taking a selfportrait is the hardest thing in photography. Therefore, you have to imagine yourself in a frame, while acting as a model. This frame is what I expect before starting the project.… Continue reading


I have a table light that I can stick it everywhere and adjust the power and angle. So I glowed the light from right side and added a simple lamp right behind my… Continue reading

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