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Reprocess: Shah Mosque

I took these photos in May 2013 at Shah Mosque of Isfahan. Advertisements

Milad’s Sunset: Exposure Stacking

As I watched the glorious album by Iranain Photographer, Morteza Safataj, I tried his technique to make this photo. It’s taken by Canon 6D: EF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS II USM and processed in… Continue reading

A garden in the middle of desert

I like the latest photo challenge, the three! Here it is selected photos of Shazdeh garden in Mahan of Kerman. It must be wonderful in spring, however I like that in winter, too.


A colorful window in Lari’s house in historical part of Yazd city. Do you want to see the Inside-out view?


A colorful window in Lari’s house in historical part of Yazd city. Do you want to see the Outside-in view?

35mm focal length of Chehel Sotoon

Here it is the four frame HDR of a palace in Isfahan, Chehel Sotoon, means “forty pillars” in Farsi. The structure has 20 pillars around, so with their reflection in the pool you… Continue reading

“Eight Paradises”

Here you see vast details of the roof of a palace in Isfahan, called Hasht Behesht, means eight paradises. It has been built 400 years ago. Watch it for moments and it absorb… Continue reading

The tower in Lajim

This is a mysterious tower in Lajim, small village in the north of Iran. It has been built a thousand years ago by unknown architect, including both ancient Iranian and Islamic art. It… Continue reading

Patterns in Shah mosque

The moment that I lied down under the huge architecture, in Shah mosque of Isfahan.


This is the magic of HDR photography. I didn’t have tripod there, so I just leant the wall and captured 5 frames; different exposure from 1/8 to 1/250 seconds. All the features are… Continue reading

Mosque or cathedral?

Here, it is the Vank cathedral, have been built in 17th century in Isfahan. It has Persian mosque’s structure with Armenian-Christian contents.

Golestan palace

Davood Vakilzadeh, a photographer, Bring people into your frame to show the scale.