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The Mangrove forests on southern coast of Iran is important ecological resource. There are many species living there. Here you can see a group of Plover flying close to the water.

Cloud’s surrounding

I have been looking for this landscape for two days. The weather was terrible; cloudy and rainy. I just lay the tiny wall and captured six frames, exposed from 1/15s to 1/800s. The… Continue reading

Winter in black and white

Walking alone in the park near my home, I’ve captured a little beauty of winter in Tehran. It was the first snowfall of this year.

Wrap and woof

There’s a well-known poem in farsi that describe the autumn as a naked woman. Mehdi Akhavān-Sāles the poet wrote, If she isn’t naked, then the sunlight and wind will be the wrap and woof… Continue reading

Friends in a row

No comment.

A calf is whimpering

HI Folks, I missed this place so much. WordPress’ new look is awesome! Here, it’s one of the great pictures of Mazichal protected area, in north of Iran. I’ve been there two weeks… Continue reading


It takes 30 minutes to render this huge 137 mega-pixel panorama, in CS6 Photoshop. I’ve posted a close-up photo of the jungle yesterday; This is wide view. The final jpeg file size is… Continue reading

Time to meditate on jungle

We were on a green hill above the trees; last week, Dorfak, Gilan, Iran.


Last week I went to a memorable trip with my friends to the north of Iran. This is the best season to visit Iran’s nature. I’ll post more about that next days.

Portraits in jungle

Today I got the first income for portrait photography. I took over 500 photos of her in 3 hours. She is one of my best friends; We were classmates in university. This is… Continue reading

Full of life

Today I woke up early and walked around my home. It is not easy to capture a well-composed frame in jungle. Finally I found this standpoint, and took a max-aperture photo to separate the… Continue reading

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