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Tarikhaneh: Shadows VS. Highlights

It’s said they copied the architecture from a Sassanid palace, to build this mosque early after conquest of Persia.

Sassanid Curves



This is a masterpiece in Iranian architecture: Windcatcher in historical part of Yazd city.

35mm focal length of Chehel Sotoon

Here it is the four frame HDR of a palace in Isfahan, Chehel Sotoon, means “forty pillars” in Farsi. The structure has 20 pillars around, so with their reflection in the pool you… Continue reading

“Eight Paradises”

Here you see vast details of the roof of a palace in Isfahan, called Hasht Behesht, means eight paradises. It has been built 400 years ago. Watch it for moments and it absorb… Continue reading

The tower in Lajim

This is a mysterious tower in Lajim, small village in the north of Iran. It has been built a thousand years ago by unknown architect, including both ancient Iranian and Islamic art. It… Continue reading

Patterns in Shah mosque

The moment that I lied down under the huge architecture, in Shah mosque of Isfahan.


This is the magic of HDR photography. I didn’t have tripod there, so I just leant the wall and captured 5 frames; different exposure from 1/8 to 1/250 seconds. All the features are… Continue reading

Mosque or cathedral?

Here, it is the Vank cathedral, have been built in 17th century in Isfahan. It has Persian mosque’s structure with Armenian-Christian contents.

2500 years old thing

Ancient Iran museum is the best museum I’ve ever seen. They let you take picture without flash. I took more than two hundreds frame that day. This is a sculpture found in central part of… Continue reading

Arash, Sa’dabad palace

This isn’t the best angle to take a picture of arash sculpture. I’ve to take another one in spring…

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