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The first buds of spring

This a shot I’ve taken from a valley in Tehran. The weather was awesome for hiking. Not too warm, not to cold, I must plan for the next two months to go out… Continue reading

Panorama in Damavand: 4300m altitude

I’ve done heavy post-editing on this panorama, consist of 10 frames. To get rid of undesired dust in the air, I have adjusted the curve, contrast, definition, shadow, highlight, radius, … everything! By… Continue reading

Hiking the ridge

This is the most scary part of the path to reach the summit. There’s a narrow unclear path exactly on the ridge, we took to the Alamkouh peak.


This is the memorial of three Iranian hikers that stocked and died in the Himalaya, last week. They were coming back from the Broad Peak (8052m) in Pakistan. I captured this photo in the… Continue reading


This is a scheduled post. By the time you reading this, I must be on the peak of this mountain, Alamkouh (4850m). I went there one year ago, it’s amazing! This time we… Continue reading

Shining 6 AM

I didn’t sleep well, because my tears had flooded my face during the night. It’s not a romance thing! I’d hike the mountain covered by snow, without wearing sunglass. And I got blind… Continue reading


Conquerers of Tochal (3950m); The four closest guys are my friends. After 7 hours of hiking, we’d been just 50m below the peak. We are going to climb the two highest mountains of… Continue reading

Sunrise beyond the metropolis

Yesssss! I’ve finally done that; Three of us left the city, went to the village behind the Tochal (peak). After 2 hours of hiking we reached this area, and slept till the sunrise.… Continue reading


Sabalan, a beautiful mountain in north-west of Iran; This is about peak of the mountain, when we were coming back. Everywhere was covered by snow, and clouds were moving fast. It was one… Continue reading

The green

Today I want to mountain with Melina. We reached the first station, and the sky started to rain. So we had a great breakfast there, and packed to get back. The weather was… Continue reading

Reprocess a panorama

I had taken ten pieces of this panorama one year ago. I used a compact Canon camera, with a spot on inner glass of lens! Today, I find the photo in my library,… Continue reading

A handsome donkey

We met him in Darakeh, a resort-village in the north of Tehran. Hiking was great and pleasant…

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