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Milad’s Sunset: Exposure Stacking

As I watched the glorious album by Iranain Photographer, Morteza Safataj, I tried his technique to make this photo. It’s taken by Canon 6D: EF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS II USM and processed in… Continue reading

Frozen farm

As I drove in the freeway (Karaj to Qazvin), find this tree in the middle of a frozen farm. So I stopped immediately, and captured many frames from different angles.

Maroon leaves

This is very ignored plant near the highway. Millions of them are planted in the city. Only the sunlight can make them maroon.

The frame

Today I walked along the highway to find some location for portrait photography. Here it is a sculpture; a man who sit on a chair and held a frame… looking car passes forever.

Sunset on highway

Today I read a paragraph in “On Photography” by Susan Sontag that I want to share here. She explained why photographers want to prove their work as fine art in comparison with painting; Cartier-Bresson believed that a… Continue reading

Highway at night

I’ve wanted to go out with my friends. I decided to walk and shoot some photo. Then an idea came to my mind: A bridge on the Chamran highway, tripod, tiny aperture, low… Continue reading

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