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English Yew Reservoir of “Pooneh Aram”

This is a photo, I’ve attached to a report for tourism4development2017.org: My Journal for Botanical Trip to Hyrcania.

Dissolved Alders

I had few minutes to take some photos with tele lens… we had been in the middle of jungle, near the Chouret lake. Now I can see how they dissolved in the lake;… Continue reading


Tirkan waterfall, hard to find, not easy to access near small village in Mazandaran…

Shifting approach in post-editing

It’s about one year and half that I purchased my DSLR, taking photograph of different subjects. Many of you, my friends visiting this blog or watching photos in my iPad or joining share… Continue reading

Waiting for summer

The fun with tele lens is you can easily separate the object from the environment. Here you see a dandelion flower, I’ve captured last summer in Dorfak, Gilan, Iran.

Green graveyard

The weather was foggy. A cow was grazing in graveyard. And I was under a strong tree, looking for the best frame of the scene.


There’s village in this valley called Hewraman. We’ve been there in last spring; Everywhere was green. It’s located near the border of Iraq, in Kurdistan of Iran. The area is full of wonder.… Continue reading

Friends in a row

No comment.

Seek for the milk!

Now I want to be a lamb!


Last week I went to a memorable trip with my friends to the north of Iran. This is the best season to visit Iran’s nature. I’ll post more about that next days.

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