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Blooming in Macro-Wide Angle

I’m bored with macro captures recently, so I tried a new style: composition of a macro and wide-angle into one image. This one is blended with “Soft Light” mode in Adobe Photoshop 14.0.

Practice in an Autumn Afternoon

Who says the leafless orchard is not beautiful?

Growing flowers

My mother has fallen in love with this plant. Today, she came to me to take a picture of that. It is very special member of Lilium family grow in water. In case… Continue reading


It is easy to make bokeh effect on tele distance of focal length. However, controlling the whole image and choosing frame composition is not easy.


A honeybee is watching spring flowers. She is  probably thinking about sweet juice inside them! I could shoot the photo on low sensitivity, however I prefered ISO 400 to enhance shutter speed in creature… Continue reading

Outdoors portrait

We went to a park yesterday. I took several portrait of my girlfriend. Here it is a gorgeous face on a colorful background…

Horizontal purple

If I had a f/2.8 lens, I compress the depth of image narrower…

Spring in collage: 4fr Collage

The new iranian year will come tomorrow, and Tehran’s weather is warm enough that all surrounding plant opened their flowers. I took these photos last week, and now I stitch them together in… Continue reading

A honeybee

Bees are getting out of the hive, craving to suck flower’s juice …

Spring flowers

I love these flowers. The colors are sharp. I took the picture 45 days before the spring. Therefore , the weather is warm and this winter is too boring, no rain, no sonwfall.

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