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In a Rainy Afternoon of Tehran

It still wants to be purple… Advertisements

Year in review: 1392

The Persian year, 1392 is almost over. We have less than a week to new year. It was one of the best years for me. I’ve done many things this year: Travels and… Continue reading

Waiting for summer

The fun with tele lens is you can easily separate the object from the environment. Here you see a dandelion flower, I’ve captured last summer in Dorfak, Gilan, Iran.

Another day for my father

It was early in the morning and he had woken up earlier to go out and buy gardening stuff. When I arrived there, he was just watching the garden. So, I captured a… Continue reading

Bokeh for glass of flower

The photo is taken in a dark cafe in Tehran. I don’t like dark places.

Contraste des couleurs complémentaires

Complimentary colors can make a strong balance to ease viewer’s eyes, if they have been applied on particular ratio. This is ‘Rule: Contrast of complementary Colors’, one of six contrast rules devised by… Continue reading