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Shahyad Today

I found two hours break near Shahyad square in the middle of day. However it was dark, cloudy, and colorless…

Pollution of Tehran

A few months ago, they asked me to capture the timelapse of air pollution… I tried, but it didn’t satisfy me. Now I made this composition and I think it is well-polluted!

Reprocess: Shah Mosque

I took these photos in May 2013 at Shah Mosque of Isfahan.

Milad’s Sunset: Exposure Stacking

As I watched the glorious album by Iranain Photographer, Morteza Safataj, I tried his technique to make this photo. It’s taken by Canon 6D: EF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS II USM and processed in… Continue reading

In the city, August 10th

It’s just a building, nothing special…

Spying the ruins

Watching the ruins in Yazd city; This is a photo for latest photo challenge: Abondoned.


This is a masterpiece in Iranian architecture: Windcatcher in historical part of Yazd city.

Sadness of my windsheld

Snowy sky of the town through a dirty windshield :(

Snowy night of Tehran

Captured this photo exactly one year ago under the snowfall in Jamshidieh park of Tehran. It’s always joyful to look back and reprocess some stacks. Here, I adjusted the curve and sharpness.

Patterns in Shah mosque

The moment that I lied down under the huge architecture, in Shah mosque of Isfahan.

Carpet retailers

A retailer and customer, talking about carpets; These carpets are made by hand in central part of Iran.

Maroon leaves

This is very ignored plant near the highway. Millions of them are planted in the city. Only the sunlight can make them maroon.

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