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A salt lake near the Tehran-Qom freeway Advertisements


A five centimeter house gecko, molting on net…

Tribute to Dimitri Ermakov

The latest digital imaging and processing to reconstruct Dimitri Ermakov frames… a photographer who left a lot of albumen prints from Tehran, over one hundred years ago. Here you can watch his frames from Masoudieh… Continue reading

Freezing Moment of the Moment

My dear friend, Samira Taheri took some photos of me while taking the above photos. Just want to show you the locations of my photos and how they happend :) By the way, this… Continue reading

Sassanid Curves


Contrast in Desert

White plants on the background of orange sands; Green plants on the background of white salty soil; Desert is the land of contrasts…

Man and the Tree


Practice in an Autumn Afternoon

Who says the leafless orchard is not beautiful?

In a Rainy Afternoon of Tehran

It still wants to be purple…

In the city, August 10th

It’s just a building, nothing special…

In the River

I like resting in the water, like them :))

Compromised on Grayscale

Increase the orange tone to +100 in Camera Raw, and you will see the sands change into pure white. There is always a tone to reach the white without getting overexposed. I feel… Continue reading