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In the River

I like resting in the water, like them :))

A Tern

They woke up early in the sunrise, trying to find something to eat. It was a full-moon night, awesome, camping near the Hasanlou lake in Azarbayjan of Iran.

Flamingos flying

If you like bird-watching, have to go to Mangrove Jungle of Qeshm Island… Hundreds of spices are living there; Flamingo is the gorgeous one!

Ostrich in collage!

Who can possibly not like this creature?! They are amazing, but short-tempered! Found this one in Matinabad ecotourism camp.


The Mangrove forests on southern coast of Iran is important ecological resource. There are many species living there. Here you can see a group of Plover flying close to the water.

Green graveyard

The weather was foggy. A cow was grazing in graveyard. And I was under a strong tree, looking for the best frame of the scene.

The cow with two horns

It was quiet and astonishing, on top of the hill. I’ve adjusted the level to reach this great contrast…

A calf is whimpering

HI Folks, I missed this place so much. WordPress’ new look is awesome! Here, it’s one of the great pictures of Mazichal protected area, in north of Iran. I’ve been there two weeks… Continue reading

Seek for the milk!

Now I want to be a lamb!

Cats in parking

Here, we have cat-enthusiasts in our neighborhood. They feed them. I don’t like cats, but I like rabbits!


A honeybee is watching spring flowers. She is  probably thinking about sweet juice inside them! I could shoot the photo on low sensitivity, however I prefered ISO 400 to enhance shutter speed in creature… Continue reading


I had focused on top of the hill, when they arrived.

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