Street fiddler

I saw him at Kaj sqaure. I didn’t way he never looking at me. Fortunately the expression is fine. I cropped the frame to emphasis on the arch and three women in the mall. Advertisements

National garden

My father and I wanted to go downtown, so I picked the camera… we went to Toopkhune, and I take the photo. The weather was gorgeous and I must use wide angle (18mm) lens… Continue reading

The bridge

That night I’d to go out and get something. A road under the Niayesh bridge was in my way. So, I pull out and take a 1-second shutter frame, leaning to the car.… Continue reading

Spring flowers

I love these flowers. The colors are sharp. I took the picture 45 days before the spring. Therefore , the weather is warm and this winter is too boring, no rain, no sonwfall.


These are flower jars, I saw in flower market. I like the composition.

Arash, Sa’dabad palace

This isn’t the best angle to take a picture of arash sculpture. I’ve to take another one in spring…

Double swing

I tried more on spinning flashlights, after posting A mysterious shape. This is the path of a flashlight in two-weighted pendulum!

A mystrious shape

I remember a morning that I woke up and thinking about a new idea: taking a bulb shutter frame from a spining flashlight hanged from the roof. I waited for darkness of night… Continue reading

BRT at 11pm

I was coming back from theater in downtown, and I didn’t have car. So I get into a bus. Then, I took out the camera unnoticeably and shoot the scene. He was kind… Continue reading

A leafless willow

After the rain, everything was shining. Sky was red, and I saw an insecure willow tree without leaves…

A clow on shadow

I’d finished my works early in the noon. I took my camera and went to the Mellat park. The winter was too boring and I didn’t find a subject to capture. I reviewed… Continue reading

Origami bird

This is an origami bird that Pooyan had given to me, the last Norouz. It isn’t very complex in its own kind, but in lighting and composition. I glowed a table light. then… Continue reading

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