2500 years old thing

Ancient Iran museum is the best museum I’ve ever seen. They let you take picture without flash. I took more than two hundreds frame that day. This is a sculpture found in central part of… Continue reading

Selfportrait II

Taking a selfportrait is the hardest thing in photography. Therefore, you have to imagine yourself in a frame, while acting as a model. This frame is what I expect before starting the project.… Continue reading

Stood on a stool

I use this stool in portrait and selfportrait photography. It is strong and somehow tall. I’d read Susan Sontag’s book about movements “On Photography.” I wanted the viewers ask themselves a question, “why does a… Continue reading


I have a table light that I can stick it everywhere and adjust the power and angle. So I glowed the light from right side and added a simple lamp right behind my… Continue reading

Haji Firouz

I was trapped in a heavy traffic in the Sadr highway. Suddenly a person in red cloths came to the way. He was Haji Firouz, who reminds us new year and Norouz holiday.… Continue reading

Marmalade skies

I was at my workplace. Geting out the building, the weather was unbelievably bright! Sky was blue, clouds were changing. I replaced the blue color into pink via adobe photoshop. The Beatles, Picture yourself… Continue reading


Stairway in subway; Overexposure is fine.

Street fiddler

I saw him at Kaj sqaure. I didn’t way he never looking at me. Fortunately the expression is fine. I cropped the frame to emphasis on the arch and three women in the mall.

National garden

My father and I wanted to go downtown, so I picked the camera… we went to Toopkhune, and I take the photo. The weather was gorgeous and I must use wide angle (18mm) lens… Continue reading

The bridge

That night I’d to go out and get something. A road under the Niayesh bridge was in my way. So, I pull out and take a 1-second shutter frame, leaning to the car.… Continue reading

Spring flowers

I love these flowers. The colors are sharp. I took the picture 45 days before the spring. Therefore , the weather is warm and this winter is too boring, no rain, no sonwfall.


These are flower jars, I saw in flower market. I like the composition.