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Freezing Moment of the Moment

My dear friend, Samira Taheri took some photos of me while taking the above photos. Just want to show you the locations of my photos and how they happend :) By the way, this… Continue reading

Sia narme narme, sia toube toube

He is a boatman in Qeshm island, singing a popular folklore of south, “Sia Narme Narme.”

Random pose

Before they got ready for taking the photo, I captured some random poses… They are my best friends, traveled with me to the Ramsar city, north of Iran.


Today I was working on my personal website (will launch soon) and captured some self-portrait for it. Here I am in my bedroom… want to say “Happy new year, wish you all peace… Continue reading

Growing flowers

My mother has fallen in love with this plant. Today, she came to me to take a picture of that. It is very special member of Lilium family grow in water. In case… Continue reading


Last week I went to a memorable trip with my friends to the north of Iran. This is the best season to visit Iran’s nature. I’ll post more about that next days.

Portraits in jungle

Today I got the first income for portrait photography. I took over 500 photos of her in 3 hours. She is one of my best friends; We were classmates in university. This is… Continue reading

Tribute to Duane Michals

Duane Michals is a photographer, who use low-speed shutter in many of his works. He stitched three portrait of Andy Warhol together and create this masterpiece in 1972. I have planned to make some multi-exposure next… Continue reading

Earthquake 7.8

* This is a portrait of a rural boy, Abolfazl lives in Azerbaijan. I took the photo four months after the earthquake. Yesterday, a 7.8-magnitude quake struck Iran near the border of Pakistan… Continue reading

Street salesman

He is a salesman in Tehran’s street, who has a few quantity of fruits to sale. He was polishing a red apple while watching my camera… We bought some fruits from him, and… Continue reading

Prism play

Have you ever watch the world through a luster prism?!

An “Arbusian” portrait

  What makes Arbus’s use of the frontal pose so arresting is that her subjects are often people one would not expect to surrender themselves so amiably and ingenuously to the camera. thus,… Continue reading

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