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Before Composting

Gathering ingredients of compost fertilizer, I’ve felt an attachment to fallen leaves of persimmon tree. For a second I decided to save them from decomposition; those with bright vivid colors. However, they become more beautiful if they… Continue reading


A five centimeter house gecko, molting on net…

Tughrul Tower

The broken circle inside the tower. I cropped it several times to reach the golden ratio both in size and luminosity.

Pipes Over the Boiler

Playing with blending mode in Adobe Photoshop…

Fantasy of Your Hand

No, this is not a lifeless hand as it seems! This is my hand, trying to practice on hand poses  and I’m not satisfied with it… So I just need a volunteer with… Continue reading

Curves, Squares

I took that in a bird house in Isfahan, today. I have to go there again, with my film SLR…

This is Art!

I can’t add any comment…

The First Negative…

I just developed my film! This is the second trial. I burnt the first one! So I’m excited. It’s a lot of fun to capture with film SLR and develop in darkroom. The… Continue reading

That Cold Room

Small room in a small cottage, in a small village, in Mazandaran, Iran. We slept there one cold night, and it was so original!

Darband Cave

I’ve been in Semnan until yesterday. There’s a wonderful cave near the town, Darband Cave. I wish I had my tripod there…


A colorful window in Lari’s house in historical part of Yazd city. Do you want to see the Outside-in view?

Another day for my father

It was early in the morning and he had woken up earlier to go out and buy gardening stuff. When I arrived there, he was just watching the garden. So, I captured a… Continue reading

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