Mr. Daneshmandi’s Mercedes-Benz

Entering to the road in desert, Mr. Daneshmandi’s bus is roaring and jouncing. This is the dirt road from Gramsar to “Ghasr-e Bahram”, A caravanserai in the middle of desert surrounded by national park. I’ve been there many times for stargazing and nightscape photography. Mr. Daneshmandi’s bus is an old 302 Mercedes-Benz. We got stuck in the mud last year. The road had got swampy by the rain a day before and we sunk to our knees in the mud. It was awful. But Mr. Daneshmandi, a retired bus driver come back stronger and more courageous this time.

This is an online exhibition, tribute to Mr. Daneshmandi and his bus, the red 302 Mercedes-Benz.