Erosion and the Life Reprise

Cover photo for an online gallery: Erosion and the Life Reprise

In a place where there are no plants, no air
the stubborn sunlight bursts upon the stones,
where no land or life is special, [1]

Walking alone in the desert, I found everything begin with death. The wind throws everything around. The sun burns them to parts. The sands (blast) tear them up into small pieces. And they are slowly swallowed by the ground. Then the life astonishing comes out of that.

Here it is an online gallery of 31 photos that I took last week in the central desert of Iran. They are in the same configuration, and the same exposure ISO 100 f/8 50mm, and the same operation in ACR 9.3.1. It was a pleasant course for me, working on my idea alone in a silent distant location.

[1] Nima Yushij, from the Phoenix (poem)