Monthly Archive: October, 2014


Tirkan waterfall, hard to find, not easy to access near small village in Mazandaran… Advertisements


A very tall tree in West Mazandaran protected area. You might get dizzy watching it, so do I.


This is a normal scene in Daryasar area. It is located in Dohezar, Mazanradan, Iran. You have to go there in the next two weeks to find such views.

Protected Area

Deep in the forest, West Mazandaran Protected Area, we took a road. This is one of the tallest trees in that location…

Opens to Waterfall

A tunnel under the road for the river; The road to Javaherdeh village in the north of Iran.

Sunset of Autumn Tree

Time is running for the trees turning red and yellow. The colors between green and yellow, the colors between orange and red…

Reeds, and the Lake

Reeds around the Valasht lake, in Mazandaran…