Monthly Archive: February, 2014

Spying the ruins

Watching the ruins in Yazd city; This is a photo for latest photo challenge: Abondoned. Advertisements

Inspiration on Hamid Janipour’s exhibition

Last night I went to Atbin gallery to watch the latest works of Hamid Janipour, Iranian photographer. Technically, he has blended two or more photo layers in Photoshop. The Idea was blending Paintings… Continue reading

A garden in the middle of desert

I like the latest photo challenge, the three! Here it is selected photos of Shazdeh garden in Mahan of Kerman. It must be wonderful in spring, however I like that in winter, too.

Three skies, walking in desert

Here, my trilogy for latest photo challenge. This is the art of post-editing in digital photography. The first photo has blue filter and low contrast; The second has red filter and high contrast.

Darband Cave

I’ve been in Semnan until yesterday. There’s a wonderful cave near the town, Darband Cave. I wish I had my tripod there…


A colorful window in Lari’s house in historical part of Yazd city. Do you want to see the Inside-out view?


A colorful window in Lari’s house in historical part of Yazd city. Do you want to see the Outside-in view?


This is a masterpiece in Iranian architecture: Windcatcher in historical part of Yazd city.

Branch and Kalut

The moment you lay down to the sand ground to capture a macro-graphic photo of a dried branch in a wasteland desert of Lut; That branch was my treasure!

Walking fast

It’s going to stop tonight; This is the forth day of snowing in Tehran.

Snowflakes Today

It’s now the third day of snowfall in Tehran. So wonderful, I went for photography after leaving the office. Here you can see snowflakes on a red leaf. You may notice or not,… Continue reading

Snowy yesterday

Nine frames of the same scene that I captured with intervalometer from the jungle in front of my home. The challenge was focusing on snowflakes. At the end I choose a tele focal… Continue reading