Monthly Archive: January, 2014

Hormoz, a salt dome

Hormoz island is a salt dome, a huge mineral that came up from deep layers of the ground. You can see various crystals under a layer of soil. Find more details in… Continue reading

Flamingos flying

If you like bird-watching, have to go to Mangrove Jungle of Qeshm Island… Hundreds of spices are living there; Flamingo is the gorgeous one!

Lagerstroemia in winter

Can you imagine the original colorful version of this photo? Sky in blue, branches in white, leaves in red; Lagerstroemia tree in winter is shining in sunlight. Thanks to Apple Aperture, I got… Continue reading

Shoot-while-drive in Chalous road

As you may have noticed, I have tagged some photos in “shoot while drive!” Here you can see another frame captured through the windshield. The Chalous road was quiet, today, and I took… Continue reading

35mm focal length of Chehel Sotoon

Here it is the four frame HDR of a palace in Isfahan, Chehel Sotoon, means “forty pillars” in Farsi. The structure has 20 pillars around, so with their reflection in the pool you… Continue reading

Bokeh for glass of flower

The photo is taken in a dark cafe in Tehran. I don’t like dark places.

Sia narme narme, sia toube toube

He is a boatman in Qeshm island, singing a popular folklore of south, “Sia Narme Narme.”

Tribute to Abelardo Morell

It’s almost three months that I’ve subscribed to the National Geographic Magazine in Farsi. This is the magazine that I don’t want to miss a paragraph, reading carefully, and It has great influence… Continue reading

“Eight Paradises”

Here you see vast details of the roof of a palace in Isfahan, called Hasht Behesht, means eight paradises. It has been built 400 years ago. Watch it for moments and it absorb… Continue reading

The tower in Lajim

This is a mysterious tower in Lajim, small village in the north of Iran. It has been built a thousand years ago by unknown architect, including both ancient Iranian and Islamic art. It… Continue reading

Ostrich in collage!

Who can possibly not like this creature?! They are amazing, but short-tempered! Found this one in Matinabad ecotourism camp.

Random pose

Before they got ready for taking the photo, I captured some random poses… They are my best friends, traveled with me to the Ramsar city, north of Iran.

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