Monthly Archive: December, 2013


Today I was working on my personal website (will launch soon) and captured some self-portrait for it. Here I am in my bedroom… want to say “Happy new year, wish you all peace… Continue reading

Sunset on the boat

It was a huge Iranian boat, called launch, that we stay to watch the sunset. There’s a village in Qeshm island, “Laft” known for launch building. They build 600 to 1200 tons boat… Continue reading


The Mangrove forests on southern coast of Iran is important ecological resource. There are many species living there. Here you can see a group of Plover flying close to the water.

Chahkooh valley

I just came back from amazing trip, last night. As I said before, went to Qeshm, Hengam, and Hormoz islands south of Iran. Now I have 26 GB photos to edit! This is… Continue reading

Going to Qeshm

I’m going to go to Qeshm island, tomorrow. It’s an island in the Persian gulf, south of Iran. Of course, I’ll visit two other close islands, Hengam and Hormoz. Have been there two… Continue reading

Panorama in Damavand: 4300m altitude

I’ve done heavy post-editing on this panorama, consist of 10 frames. To get rid of undesired dust in the air, I have adjusted the curve, contrast, definition, shadow, highlight, radius, … everything! By… Continue reading

Snowy night of Tehran

Captured this photo exactly one year ago under the snowfall in Jamshidieh park of Tehran. It’s always joyful to look back and reprocess some stacks. Here, I adjusted the curve and sharpness.

Green graveyard

The weather was foggy. A cow was grazing in graveyard. And I was under a strong tree, looking for the best frame of the scene.

A cottage in Filband

As we walked through the fog in village, we found some faded residence. Here, we have my friend Ehsan in front of a common cottage in Filband of Mazandaran.

Patterns in Shah mosque

The moment that I lied down under the huge architecture, in Shah mosque of Isfahan.

The boring hour in the office

I was waiting for an approval from director’s office. Nothing to do for an hour, hopefully I had my camera in my bag. So, this is an inspiring rock for my colleague…

Hiking the ridge

This is the most scary part of the path to reach the summit. There’s a narrow unclear path exactly on the ridge, we took to the Alamkouh peak.

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