Shining 6 AM

sabalan, ardebil, iran

ISO 100 f/9 1/80s 55mm

I didn’t sleep well, because my tears had flooded my face during the night. It’s not a romance thing! I’d hike the mountain covered by snow, without wearing sunglass. And I got blind for some hours. Didn’t have control on my tears, nor couldn’t open my eyes for more than a second.

So, I got out of the camp to wash my eyes, early in the morning. The weather was freezing, and the sun was rising.Then I saw the scene: shining on Sabalan, and turned on my camera quickly, just shoot the mountain. I couldn’t see the result that moment. It is not the best. However, I can show our path to the top on the picture. Can’t imagine we made it in 5.5 hours…!