Monthly Archive: July, 2013


This is the memorial of three Iranian hikers that stocked and died in the Himalaya, last week. They were coming back from the Broad Peak (8052m) in Pakistan. I captured this photo in the… Continue reading


This is a scheduled post. By the time you reading this, I must be on the peak of this mountain, Alamkouh (4850m). I went there one year ago, it’s amazing! This time we… Continue reading

Carpet retailers

A retailer and customer, talking about carpets; These carpets are made by hand in central part of Iran.

Growing flowers

My mother has fallen in love with this plant. Today, she came to me to take a picture of that. It is very special member of Lilium family grow in water. In case… Continue reading


This is the magic of HDR photography. I didn’t have tripod there, so I just leant the wall and captured 5 frames; different exposure from 1/8 to 1/250 seconds. All the features are… Continue reading


There’s village in this valley called Hewraman. We’ve been there in last spring; Everywhere was green. It’s located near the border of Iraq, in Kurdistan of Iran. The area is full of wonder.… Continue reading

Wrap and woof

There’s a well-known poem in farsi that describe the autumn as a naked woman. Mehdi Akhavān-Sāles the poet wrote, If she isn’t naked, then the sunlight and wind will be the wrap and woof… Continue reading

Maroon leaves

This is very ignored plant near the highway. Millions of them are planted in the city. Only the sunlight can make them maroon.

Shining 6 AM

I didn’t sleep well, because my tears had flooded my face during the night. It’s not a romance thing! I’d hike the mountain covered by snow, without wearing sunglass. And I got blind… Continue reading

The cow with two horns

It was quiet and astonishing, on top of the hill. I’ve adjusted the level to reach this great contrast…


Conquerers of Tochal (3950m); The four closest guys are my friends. After 7 hours of hiking, we’d been just 50m below the peak. We are going to climb the two highest mountains of… Continue reading

Sunrise beyond the metropolis

Yesssss! I’ve finally done that; Three of us left the city, went to the village behind the Tochal (peak). After 2 hours of hiking we reached this area, and slept till the sunrise.… Continue reading

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