Internet access

As you see, I didn’t post steadily in last couple of weeks. It is caused by violent censorship of Iran’s government. They blocked over 10 million websites and keep blocking 5000 domains per day. All the social networks are blocked from four years ago, however for instant, it is estimated that 20 million users in Iran update their Facebook profile. People used to bypass the censorship through the VPNs and proxies. The interesting part is that providing and selling VPN access have become a profitable business!
I’ve coped with the interruptions in VPN protocol in this month. The interruptions was too severe that eve banks suspend online interactions for a week. Now it is too difficult for me to update my blog. I’m even using email-to-post tool for this entry!
So, I’m going to change my ISP and get a 2 Mb/s access in the next week. I wish the new ISP works with my VPNs and proxies. I’ll not able to surf internet until then.

Have a nice day,