Monthly Archive: April, 2013


Today I bought a new lens: Nikkor AF-S 55-200mm f/4-5.6 VR and 2x4GB memory to improve post-processing in aperture and photoshop… It cost me just $270. Tomorrow we have a picnic party-gathering and… Continue reading


A honeybee is watching spring flowers. She is  probably thinking about sweet juice inside them! I could shoot the photo on low sensitivity, however I prefered ISO 400 to enhance shutter speed in creature… Continue reading

Full of life

Today I woke up early and walked around my home. It is not easy to capture a well-composed frame in jungle. Finally I found this standpoint, and took a max-aperture photo to separate the… Continue reading

The frame

Today I walked along the highway to find some location for portrait photography. Here it is a sculpture; a man who sit on a chair and held a frame… looking car passes forever.


I had focused on top of the hill, when they arrived.

Contraste des couleurs complémentaires

Complimentary colors can make a strong balance to ease viewer’s eyes, if they have been applied on particular ratio. This is ‘Rule: Contrast of complementary Colors’, one of six contrast rules devised by… Continue reading

The green

Today I want to mountain with Melina. We reached the first station, and the sky started to rain. So we had a great breakfast there, and packed to get back. The weather was… Continue reading

Sunset on highway

Today I read a paragraph in “On Photography” by Susan Sontag that I want to share here. She explained why photographers want to prove their work as fine art in comparison with painting; Cartier-Bresson believed that a… Continue reading

Reprocess a panorama

I had taken ten pieces of this panorama one year ago. I used a compact Canon camera, with a spot on inner glass of lens! Today, I find the photo in my library,… Continue reading

Nature day

Today is called “Nature day.” People must go out, be happy, play and have lunch together. I went to Mellat park today, and took several photos. This is a photo that reminds me… Continue reading


Taking photo of this plant is not easy, even in home with controlled lights. I just used a 100-watt lamp on the wall.

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