Earthquake 7.8

a rural boy in Azerbaijan, iran

ISO 100 f-5.6 1-250s 52mm

* This is a portrait of a rural boy, Abolfazl lives in Azerbaijan. I took the photo four months after the earthquake.

Yesterday, a 7.8-magnitude quake struck Iran near the border of Pakistan (BBC Middle East). Although it was the most powerful earthquake for more than 50 years, experts said the depth of the quake (estimated 95-km) had reduced the impact to 4.0 magnitude.

Now, over the 400,000 people in Iran and 45,000 people in Pakistan may be in trouble. Many Iranians out of the country, as well as, people in the capital are thinking of how they can help the damaged. My friend, Nazanin who live and study in Boston:

A 7.8-magnitude quake in Iran, the most powerful for more than 50 years in the area…

My heart is pounding with the same rhythm of all Americans for Boston. I fell in LOVE with this city at the first sight… At the other side, I cannot send even ONE cent to Iran because of the sanctions..

My heart is simply breaking in two parts… I love people in both Iran and US.. what can I do my friends?

Many NGOs are trying to send food, medicine, and money to Iran, however the risk of US sanctions against Iran lowered the speed and amount of relief efforts. Last year after the northwestern earthquake of Iran, president Obama issued a general license to ensure sanctions on Iran do not obstruct earthquake relief efforts.

Northwestern, southwestern, and now southeastern; It’s the third earthquake in recent year of my country. Last year I went to Azerbaijan, northwestern province of Iran, to transfer warmer and warm cloths just before winter coming. I found the work hard and full of responsibility; there are many people who want to help, and many people who need the help. But a few one have expertise in distribution and ability to connect these two groups. So, I recommend to give your reliefs to trustful non-governmental organizations. Now they need simple things for living: food, cloth, medicine,… After a month they will probably need money to reconstruct their homes and business.