Try to make a time lapse

Today, I started a project, “Sunrise”: taking 3 to 5 time lapse videos and assembling them in a 3-minute clip. So, I waked up early and went to Taleqani park. The sky was dark there, but the trees were every where and I didn’t find a highway and building scene without branches and leaves. Unfortunately, my tripod was not stable enough and there are many shakes in video. I have to eliminate some frames to smooth the result.

This one-minute video is consist of 1520 frames in 24 fr/sec rate. The shooting occurred 6:40 to 8:45 AM, by 5 seconds interval. I used 5/4 beat of a metronome app on my iPad to estimate the intervals! Finally, I used the QuickTime Pro easily to render the frames…

The experience was amazing.