Monthly Archive: March, 2013

Kite runner

I went to kite park today. He had the highest kite in the sky.

Cafe shod

I was waiting for my friends, in front of a friendly cafe. I had camera and tripod in my bag; every thing to make a HDR photo…

Prism play

Have you ever watch the world through a luster prism?!

An “Arbusian” portrait

  What makes Arbus’s use of the frontal pose so arresting is that her subjects are often people one would not expect to surrender themselves so amiably and ingenuously to the camera. thus,… Continue reading

Poor cat

I’d gone for buying cheese and bread yesterday, when I saw many cats in the yard. I gave them a piece of bread, and they fight over that! Then I found a poor… Continue reading

Ink into water

It’s fun, watching ink release in water. I took many photos and I used only one source of light in this frame. I like black gradient of table, as well as, shadow on… Continue reading

Outdoors portrait

We went to a park yesterday. I took several portrait of my girlfriend. Here it is a gorgeous face on a colorful background…

Horizontal purple

If I had a f/2.8 lens, I compress the depth of image narrower…

Try to make a time lapse

Today, I started a project, “Sunrise”: taking 3 to 5 time lapse videos and assembling them in a 3-minute clip. So, I waked up early and went to Taleqani park. The sky was… Continue reading

A handsome donkey

We met him in Darakeh, a resort-village in the north of Tehran. Hiking was great and pleasant…

In one hour…

It’s a HDR that I shoot on hill upon Tehran. I took a lot of frame an hour ago and merge some HDR quickly. It’s the second try, and result is not bad.… Continue reading

The last wednesday

Last night was “Charshanbe Souri” in Iran, an special festival a night before the last wednesday of the Iranian year. People use to jump the fire and give candy to kids on the… Continue reading

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