Monthly Archive: February, 2013

Hafez in love

O-hum is one of my favorits rockband. They rock Hafez poem perfect. I tried to capture one of the best sonnets about friendship and love, “Hafez in love.” I used a flashlight to… Continue reading


Finally I reduced ISO and aperture, on the highest shutter speed of my beloved D3200! The success factor was sun; the most powerful light.

Golestan palace

Davood Vakilzadeh, a photographer, Bring people into your frame to show the scale.

Bad news

My telephone is placed on the desk, and it always slip down and swing away! I used one light source to make this sharp shadow. I like the eyes path…

Milad tower

My friends and I’ve went to a paintball field under the tower. I cropped the frame to emphasis on the circle.

Splash in details

I tried hard on liquid photography; I’ve taken 169 frames to satisfy with these 13 photos. I like a moment just before the droplet touch the surface. It makes tiny waves… Moreover, I reduce focal length… Continue reading


It’s a challenge! Taking photo of splash of a droplet is a branch in photography called liquid photography. After finding a standard mechanism of dropping water, I’ve to set the camera and focus on the point.… Continue reading

2500 years old thing

Ancient Iran museum is the best museum I’ve ever seen. They let you take picture without flash. I took more than two hundreds frame that day. This is a sculpture found in central part of… Continue reading

Selfportrait II

Taking a selfportrait is the hardest thing in photography. Therefore, you have to imagine yourself in a frame, while acting as a model. This frame is what I expect before starting the project.… Continue reading

Stood on a stool

I use this stool in portrait and selfportrait photography. It is strong and somehow tall. I’d read Susan Sontag’s book about movements “On Photography.” I wanted the viewers ask themselves a question, “why does a… Continue reading


I have a table light that I can stick it everywhere and adjust the power and angle. So I glowed the light from right side and added a simple lamp right behind my… Continue reading

Haji Firouz

I was trapped in a heavy traffic in the Sadr highway. Suddenly a person in red cloths came to the way. He was Haji Firouz, who reminds us new year and Norouz holiday.… Continue reading

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